Gooby pls

Went on a double date tonight it was very cool, very nice. I like it.


crashedtoes replied to your post: Just casually testing out my photoshop…

Its Wednesday buddy

it was wednesday 30 minutes ago, but holy shit i thought it was thursday night FUCK

Just casually testing out my photoshop skills is how I spend my Thursday nights. Needless to say this is pretty good for < 30 minutes work.

Though I’d like a bit of constructive criticism on this since I don’t really do much shopping and I’d like to know how I can get better at it???


when you forget theres homework due tomorrowimage

holy shit I always think I’m “close” with all these people and then I realise that I haven’t spoken to any of them for like 2+ years what the fuck


i’m a huge fan of politically incorrect jokes. listen to this absolute classic: “abraham lincoln was never president”!